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"I Got A Full Mouth Restoration With Dr. Li Because Of Her Gentleness and Competence."

Using Advanced Technology And Personalized Treatments For Optimal Care

In utilizing the latest advanced dental technologies and treating patients with cutting-edge techniques, our dental office can restore smiles with accuracy and highly trained skill by Cheverly, MD. Our experienced dental specialist and periodontist can give patients long-lasting results that will allow them to live their life comfortably.

Dr. Li is not only a dental professional and a board-certified periodontist, her background in biology and wound healing qualifies her to give specialized treatments for superior, predictable, and trusted outcomes. Our cozy and state-of-the-art office can help our patients achieve a beautiful and functional smile!

Dr. Jean Li has placed more than 3,000 dental implants in her career, and she is highly knowledgeable about all the available tooth replacement methods.

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Dr. Jean Li

Dental Implants For People With Severe Bone Loss

Our Featured Dental Implant Treatments

A single dental implant being attached to a post abutment.

Are you missing a single tooth? Does your single missing tooth make it harder to speak and eat comfortably? Single dental implants could be the perfect solution for you.

Single dental implants are placed in your jawbone, restoring lasting and stable strength to your smile!

Placed by our periodontist, single dental implants can give you beautiful, natural looking, and functional new teeth, improving your oral and overall health.

an all-on-4 dental implant model showing the implant posts below the dental crowns

Have you lost most or all of your teeth? Have your missing teeth caused you to lose the confidence to smile? Our All-On-4® dental implant treatment could be right for you!

The All-On-4 dental implant treatment uses 4 dental implants that are placed in your jawbone by our periodontist, giving you a lifetime of support.

All-On-4 dental implants prevent your jawbones from receding and do not restrict your diet.

implant supported dentures model

Do you have many failing or missing teeth? Are your dentures uncomfortable and unstable? Implant supported dentures could be the right treatment solution for you.

Implant supported dentures use 2 or more dental implants that are permanently fixed to your jawbone by our periodontist to support your dentures.

Placed with our advanced technologies and implant systems, implant supported dentures can give you greater dental stability and improved jawbone health.

dental iv bag

Do you feel fear and anxiety when you go to a dental office? Do you have a low tolerance for pain or a sensitive gag reflex? Sedation Dentistry could be for you.

Our sedation dentistry options are oral sedation, nitrous oxide, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. These sedation options can help you get the treatments you need and deserve.

Sedation dentistry can give you a relaxing and comfortable dental experience.

Dr. Jean Li with her patient during a dental implants consultation

Professional And Trusted Treatments In A Comfortable And Friendly Environment

Are bleeding or tender gums a problem when you brush or floss your teeth? Do you have one or more missing or damaged teeth? Our skilled team of professionals at our qualified dental office by Cheverly, MD, have the procedures that can help patients restore their smile and preserve their oral health for years to come.

Our valued patients can get treated with our exceptional single dental implant, full mouth dental implant, gum grafting, and gingivectomy treatments for results that will expertly renew their smile.

Along with our effective sedation dentistry options that will help give patients painless and anxiety free treatments, our office uses dental technology like cone-beam computed tomography scans, LightWalker® Lasers, and the iTero® scanner for excellent results.

Our Featured Periodontal Treatments

the scaling and root planing procedure

Have you noticed tenderness or bleeding as you brush or floss your teeth? Are your gums receding and your teeth becoming loose? Scaling and root planning could help you.

A non-surgical treatment, scaling removes the bacterial plaque from above and below the gumline while root planing smooths tooth surfaces for healthy tissue reattachment.

Scaling and root planing, performed by our periodontist, can help you prevent future infections from happening.

a placed gum graft

Do you have receding gums that make your teeth appear longer?

Are you experiencing tooth sensitivity?

Our gum grafting treatment could be for you.

Performed by our periodontist, gum grafting is a gum recession treatment that either removes tissue from another area of your mouth or is taken from a tissue bank, and is used to cover the exposed tooth roots and thinning gums.

Gum grafting provides root coverage and resilience to recession.

gum recession graphic

Do your teeth look small? Are your enlarged gums giving you a “gummy smile”? Our personalized crown lengthening treatment could give you a beautiful, well-balanced smile.

Our crown lengthening procedure is completed by our qualified periodontist, who uses precision and skill to give you aesthetically pleasing and functional teeth.

Crown lengthening surgery can gently remove a planned amount of gum tissue, giving you a balanced gum to tooth ratio.

Does your “tongue-tie” prevent your tongue from moving?

Do you have a “gummy smile”, making it hard for you to smile confidently? A Gingivectomy treatment could help you.

Usually performed on those who have advanced gum disease, a gingivectomy treatment trims away damaged gum tissues, reduces the pockets between your teeth, and removes excess gum tissue.

Getting a gingivectomy treatment by our periodontist will improve your dental function and smile aesthetics.

Meet Dr. Jean Li

Dr. Jean Li earned her DDS degree at the University of Detroit Mercy. From there, she went to Rutgers University in New Jersey where she completed her periodontics training. She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and a board certified periodontist. Dr. Li is now recognized as a respected periodontal specialist.

Dr. Jean Li at Perio & Implant at Washington Metro
full arch dental implants consultation

Comfortably And Precisely Restoring Your Full Mouth Of Missing Teeth

Are you missing most or all of your teeth, causing you to lose confidence in your smile? Have your missing teeth caused you dietary limitations? The All-On-4 dental implant treatment is our “gold standard” solution that could help you. Failure to get the All-On-4 dental implant treatment could result in a receding jawbone, giving you an unhealthy, sunken, and aged appearance.

That is why our trusted periodontist encourages you to get treated with All-On-4 dental implants by Cheverly, MD.

Our All-On-4 dental implants are fixed to your jawbone, using 4 dental implants, for lasting support. They prevent your jawbone from receding and eliminate the need for you to have any dietary limitations. All-On-4 dental implants are efficiently and accurately placed in your mouth using advanced dental technologies, like the cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner and the iTero® intraoral scanner, for natural looking teeth.

Keeping Gum Infection Under Control For A Healthier Smile

Have you noticed that you bleed or feel tender as you are brushing and flossing your teeth? Do you have persistent bad breath or receding gums? Are your permanent teeth shifting or getting loose? Our periodontist can treat these symptoms with osseous surgery by Cheverly, MD. Failure to get these symptoms treated could result in your gum disease progressing to advanced stages of periodontal disease.

That is why we encourage you to get your gum disease treated with our effective osseous surgery treatment at our highly efficient and experienced dental office.

Osseous surgery is an aggressive gum disease treatment method that is used to remove diseased gum tissue and repair damaged bone. This surgery also removes any bacteria and calculus that are trapped in the deep pockets under your teeth. Osseous surgery restores support to your teeth for a long lasting and healthy smile.

Dr. Jean Li with her patient Carol during an all on 4 dental implants consultation

Our Frequently Asked Questions

You should come see our periodontist because she is board certified, has extensive and specialized training in periodontics, and because she stays up to date with the latest techniques and technologies, giving her valued patients optimal treatments.

Our periodontist can restore your missing teeth with single dental implants, implant supported bridges, implant supported dentures, and All-On-4 dental implants. These dental implant treatments can restore your biting and chewing function, give you natural looking teeth, and improve your oral and overall health.

Periodontal maintenance is performed by our periodontist, after your gum disease treatment has been completed, so that your gum disease does not return. Periodontal maintenance involves a deep cleaning of your teeth, above and below the gum line, so gum disease does not come back.

For those who have bleeding, inflamed, or tender gums, persistent bad breath, shifting or loose teeth, and receding gums are candidates for gum disease treatments. Gum disease treatments by our trusted periodontist include scaling and root planing, osseous surgery, and periodontal maintenance.

You may need a frenectomy treatment when you have tongue-tie and lip-tie symptoms. In other words, a frenectomy removes the tissues that are attached to your tongue or upper lip, also called the frenulum, that have restricted the movement of your tongue and upper lip.

The benefits of a gum grafting treatment by our periodontist are lasting. These benefits include an attractive and balanced smile, improved periodontal health, reduced or eliminated tooth sensitivity, improved long-term dental function, and reduced risks of getting decay and infection.

Dental implants are needed by those who have one or more missing or damaged teeth. Our experienced and comfortable practice can treat you with single dental implants, implant supported bridges, implant supported dentures, and All-On-4 dental implants.

After your dental implants are placed in your jawbone by your trusted periodontist, your jawbone will take more than 3 months to heal. After your jawbone has healed, your final restorations can be placed and you will be able to care for your new smile with the same care you give your natural teeth.

Good candidates for zirconia fixed bridges are for those who have lost most or all of their natural teeth, those who want to eat all their favorite foods in comfort again, and those who want a full, strong, and confident smile again.

When you come to our office, you can get treated by our periodontist with single dental implants, implant supported bridges, implant supported dentures, and All-On-4 dental implants. Our periodontist will precisely place your dental implants in your smile for long-lasting results.

dental patient calculating the cost of procedure

Making Full Mouth Dental Implants Accessible to Everyone

The downside of dental implants is that they cost significantly more than dentures. However, Perio & Implant at Washington Metro offers a number of financing and payment options that can reduce what you pay, and even help break down your payments into smaller amounts!

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